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CH DAVISDANE'S DUCKTOR DRAKKEN I PRESUME, BN RN, "Drakken", and BRAEWYND DIAMOND IN THE RUFF, "Mona Rose",  puppies were born April 20th, 2018.  

There were three in the litter,   a Harlequin  male and a Merle Mantle male, currently both on hold, and the Mantle Merle girl has found her forever home! 

If you are interested in Mona Rose, she is looking to be an only child in your home, please contact Tony directly at 856-875-0730.  IF HE DOES NOT ANSWER, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE, AS HE WILL  MOST LIKELY BE OUTSIDE WITH THE DOGS!  

Mona Rose is also available for adoption, 4 yr old female, mother of pups, has been spayed...she would love to be the ONLY PET in your home so she could love on you non-stop!  She said she's tired of sharing everyone's affections with her sister, brother and the babies!